Honoring our Veterans

This Veteran’s Day, we want to highlight the importance of organizations that serve the men and women who have served our country. Georgia is home to 697,000 veterans comprising almost 10% of our population. Veterans issues are complex because they are not one dimensional. While many veterans integrate back into civilian life without issue, many grapple with adaptation to […]

We all grew up being taught that reading is fundamental. But according to the National Center for Education Statistics, 17% of Georgians struggle with basic prose literacy skills. But through the efforts of Reach Out and Read, families across the state are becoming advocates for their children’s educations. Reach Out and Read is proactively helping […]

Georgia currently has about 1.67 million children in public schools. With a 69.9% graduation rate, it is also in the bottom 1/3 of all states in spending per pupil.  The competitiveness of our state depends on the degree to which we educate our children.  Aside from the tactical provisioning of instruction, students often need a system of support working in concert […]

The human body is capable of doing the most amazing things. Among them is the ability to create art. The talented performers of Zoetic Dance Ensemble celebrate the extraordinary potential of the human body and spirit, by focusing on the voice and spirit of female artists. They draw inspiration from a woman’s experiences, life, stories, […]

The Greater Augusta Arts Council is well known in the community for putting on the annual Arts in the Heart of Augusta and enriching the lives of over 75,000 visitors through the arts. But that’s not all this nonprofit does. As an umbrella organization for all of the nonprofit arts groups in Augusta, the Greater […]

There is an array of arts and cultural nonprofits in our beautiful state. Some produce art, some preserve and present art and others celebrate local talent and provide a sense of local identity. From symphonies and ballet companies to community theaters, museums, literary groups and historic sites the arts in Georgia provide entertainment, produce creativity, […]

Drive down Gloucester Street in picturesque Brunswick and you’ll catch a glimpse of a light blue bungalow peeking out from behind the Spanish moss and palm trees. It may look like any other single-family dwelling in this coastal community, but the family that has lived there for 21 years has more than 4,000 children. Safe […]

Being a kid isn’t as easy as we grown-ups remember. We often forget the struggle of not being able to fit in or being self-conscious about the way we look or the clothes we have. For a child dealing with obesity, it’s not only physically challenging, but also mentally and emotionally taxing. Swagger Crew Fit […]

When you think of extremely musically talented young people, your first thought is probably the teen pop star du jour. But if you look right here in Georgia, in a city bordering Alabama, you’ll find some of the most impressive classically trained musicians you’ve ever seen. They are the young men and women of the […]

The most vulnerable, precious and greatest investment we have  is our youth. Our children and babies rely on us for every step of their young lives. In Georgia, we rely on nonprofit organizations to support us as we grow and teach the future leaders of the world. We were all babies once and as we […]